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Enterprise Manager

Enterprise Manager (Omniquad)

Effective monitoring and administration of your network

Compact DBA

Compact DBA (Subquery Innovations)

PDA solution to remotely manage, analyse and monitor any server or SQL Server

PowerSNMP for .NET

PowerSNMP For .NET (Dart Communications)

PowerSNMP for .NET provides components and classes that operate on Microsoft operating systems with full support for the Microsoft .NET Framework including 64-bit platforms.

SNMP Inquisitor

SNMP Inquisitor (LogiSoft AR)

An SNMP Agent Development process inevitably involves testing and debugging activities that are tedious and time consuming.


SocketWrench (Catalyst Development)

.NET component, ActiveX control and dynamic link library (DLL) that simplifies Microsoft Windows Sockets programming for professional developers.

NetToolworks SNMP Enterprise Suite for .NET

NetToolworks SNMP Enterprise Suite For .NET (NetToolWorks)

consists of the premier 100% .NET SNMP component and complimentary bonus components for FTP, Secure FTP, Mail, Secure mail and server.

OpenText Exceed

OpenText Exceed (OpenText)

Long-standing solution for access to X Window applications on UNIX and Linux hosts

OpenText HostExplorer

OpenText HostExplorer (OpenText)

Terminal emulation connection to enterprise hosts.


TeamViewer (TeamViewer)

An all-in-one solution for remote access and support over the Internet that can connect to any PC or server around the world within a few seconds.

OpenText Exceed onDemand

OpenText Exceed OnDemand (OpenText)

Thin-client remote access to X Window applications and desktops.

ActiveXperts Network Component

ActiveXperts Network Component (ActiveXperts)

Network communication control for enhancing applications or scripts with client/server network socket communication with support for Microsoft Windows 2008, Vista, 2003, 7, XP and 2000 operating systems (32- and 64 bit).

OpenText NFS

OpenText NFS (OpenText)

OpenText NFS Solo and Client products allow Windows users to access UNIX file and printer resources using the UNIX-native NFS protocol. They offer unparalleled performance, security and convenience, without modifying mission-critical host systems.

NetSupport Notify

NetSupport Notify (NetSupport Software)

Focused software product providing on-demand desktop alerts, emergency notifications, popup alerting and one-way messaging that scales to the largest of enterprises for Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems.

OpenText Exceed XDK

OpenText Exceed XDK (OpenText)

Software development package for porting existing X Window applications from UNIX, Linux, or VMS systems to Microsoft Windows


SecureFX (VanDyke Software)

Secure file transfer application that provides options between SFTP, SCP or FTP and SSL (TLS) for secure transfers or standard FTP for non-secure transfers.

Bopup Communication Server

Bopup Communication Server (B Labs)

Bopup Communication Server is a secure messaging suite designed to provide efficient and private communication over networks of any size.

Secure Copy

Secure Copy (ScriptLogic)

Comprehensive data migration and server consolidation solution for automating data copying, permissioning and more between Windows servers and NAS/SAN systems.

Ivanti Protect

Ivanti Protect (Ivanti)

Simplify and automate the identification and fixing of gaps in tasks such as patch management, anti-virus and anti-spyware management.

Winpopup LAN Messenger

Winpopup LAN Messenger (Fomine Software)

A powerful communication tool for small to medium groups of users within a local network. The winpopup is an ideal business solution for secure network messaging without the need of a server.

Network Inventory Advisor

Network Inventory Advisor (ClearApps)

Network inventory of Windows and Mac OS networks with flexible report builder.

Specops Gpupdate

Specops Gpupdate (Special Operations Software)

Wake on Lan (WOL), gpupdate and Remote restart/remote shutdown

Verax NMS & APM

Verax NMS & APM (Verax Systems)

Network Management System (NMS) provides a service-oriented, unified management and monitoring of networks applications and infrastuctures.