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Compact DBA

Compact DBA (Subquery Innovations)

PDA solution to remotely manage, analyse and monitor any server or SQL Server

Pylon Anywhere

Pylon Anywhere (Sybase iAnywhere)

Provides access to Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange information from a wide variety of mobile PDAs and smartphones using creadle sync and/or wireless connections

OpenText Exceed

OpenText Exceed (OpenText)

Long-standing solution for access to X Window applications on UNIX and Linux hosts

Remote Shutdown

Remote Shutdown (EMCO Software)

Allows you to manage network PCs from a central location and execute remote shutdown, Wake-on-LAN, reboot, power off, hibernate and other operations remotely.

OpenText HostExplorer

OpenText HostExplorer (OpenText)

Terminal emulation connection to enterprise hosts.

ASG-Remote Desktop

ASG-Remote Desktop (ASG)

Tool for managing and accessing multiple servers and desktops featuring integrated connection protocols for managing Windows, Citrix, Linux/UNIX and Macintosh systems with direct access to external applications.


Xmanager (NetSarang Computer)

PC X server that runs on Microsoft Windows platforms. Applications installed on remote Unix-based machines run side by side with Microsoft Windows applications.


SiteRemote (PROVISIO)

SiteRemote Cloud is remote administration and maintenance software for kiosk systems and digital signage displays.


SecureCRT (VanDyke Software)

Encrypted Secure Shell session with servers and devices.

Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager (Devolutions)

It lets you centralise all your remote connections, passwords and credentials into a unique platform.

VNC Connect

VNC Connect (RealVNC)

Seamlessly connect devices directly or via the Cloud.


Radmin (Famatech)

Secure remote control and remote access software for working on a remote computer with access from multiple locations.

Netop Remote Control

Netop Remote Control (Netop)

Perform complex remote maintenance and user support across platforms and devices and including an encryption and security system. Decide who can delete files, upload new files or change system settings to prevent unauthorised access.

NetSupport Manager

NetSupport Manager (NetSupport Software)

Multi-platform remote control and desktop management package.

Netop Vision

Netop Vision (Netop)

Netop Vision Pro offers classroom management software that supports many of the leading platforms.

NetSupport School

NetSupport School (NetSupport Software)

Instruct, monitor and collaborate with your networked students. Interact with your students either individually, within a group or to the overall class.


RemoteExec (IS Decisions)

A universal deployer for Microsoft Windows systems that enables network administrators to install remotely application and file types to servers and workstations.

ePO Deep Command

EPO Deep Command (McAfee)

Provides secure and remote security management access to PCs that may be powered off or disabled. It uses Intel vPro Active Management Technology to reduce security operations costs while enhancing security.

TheGreenBow IPSec VPN Client

TheGreenBow IPSec VPN Client (The GreenBow)

An on demand IPSec VPN Client providing remote access, compliant with most popular VPN gateways and with network tools to deploy security in large and medium enterprises.


UserLock (IS Decisions)

UserLock limits concurrent logins, restricts access, monitors, alerts and reports on session activity throughout the corporate Windows network.


MobaXterm (Mobatek)

In a single Windows application, it provides loads of functions that are tailored for programmers, webmasters, IT administrators and pretty much all users who need to handle their remote jobs in a more simple fashion.