Our Vendors

We successfully represent almost 8,000 vendors worldwide. If you as a vendor are not on this listing and would like to become an active vendor partner of QBSD, please contact our team right away on +44 (0)20 8733 7103, sales@qbsd.co.uk.

If, as a reseller, the vendor you wish to find is not listed here, please contact our Sourcing Team on +44 (0)20 8733 7179, sourcing@qbsd.co.uk or visit our sourcing page.

Hemoco is the creator of Lansweeper and Runscanner. At Hemoco software, they make low budget but high quality software.
Laplink Software
Laplink Software Inc. is a privately held software company providing file transfer and synchronisation technology. It was founded in 1983 by entrepreneur Mark Eppley and has headquarters just outside of Seattle in Kirkland, Washington, USA and offices in
Lassalle Technologies
Lassalle Technologies is committed to creating powerful flowcharting/diagramming components. AddFlow is the main product.
Lavasoft (Nicolas Stark Computing AB) was established in Germany in the mid 1990'sand now has headquartered in Ã…sarp, Sweden. They provide anti Spyware solutions, providing software and services designed to help individuals, small and mid-sized businesse
Layer 2
As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and ISV based in Hamburg (Germany), Layer2 is one of the leading providers of Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 apps in Europe with a major focus on Data Integration, Collaborative Knowledge Management and Social Ne
LEAD Technologies
LEAD Technologies Inc is a privately held company founded in 1990 with headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was established to commercialise inventions in the field of digital imaging and compression technology. LEAD maintains strategic relation
Leostream, a vendor-independent software company, is a driver in the evolving virtualization space and a leader in the management of end-user resources hosted in the data center. The Connection Broker product provides a comprehensive and scalable solution
Liquid Technologies
Liquid Technologies Ltd provides world-leading productivity tools for XML software developers conforming to the W3C standards. Founded in the year 2000 and initially developed the XML Data Binding application for generating C++, C#, Java, Silverlight 2, V
LogiSoft AR
LogiSoft AR provides SNMP network management development tools and custom software design and implementation.